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The ACS National HPV Vaccation Roundtable has prioritized HPV vaccination as a public health imperative as women and men of all ages, races, ethnicities, identities, and orientation are affected by HPV cancers.  


We believe that increasing HPV vaccination and ending vaccine-preventable HPV cancers is a solvable public health problem if we work in collaboration. The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable leverages the expertise and talents of its diverse members to identify evidence-based strategies and develop new, innovative projects that go beyond the limits of individual organizations. Our projects are collaborative, impactful, and novel. Working together, the Roundtable seeks to accelerate the uptake of HPV vaccination. 


In an effort to increase HPV vaccination rates and decrease the HPV cancer burden, the following priority outcomes have been identified in our 2022- 2026 workplan.   


Sponsorship Investment Opportunities 


Primary funding is provided by a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with in-kind contributions from the American Cancer Society (ACS). Investing in the HPVRT allows ACS to leverage its strengths and unique capabilities as well as the strengths and unique capabilities of member organizations more fully through an established roundtable model to advance the priorities.  Your contributions to our work are as critical as ever. Generous sponsorships from HPVRT members and partners will allow us to sustain a roundtable program that has been a leader in HPV vaccination and cancer prevention.   


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