Our Mission

The collective mission of our organizations is to raise HPV vaccination rates and prevent HPV cancers in the United States. We see a future where HPV cancers can be prevented sparing millions of families unnecessary pain, stress, and financial burden.

  • 37,300
    HPV cancers in the US
  • 87
    Resources available in our Library
  • 270
    million doses of the HPV vaccine have been given worldwide
  • 21%
    decrease of the HPV vaccine during the pandemic

We Convene

We bring together thought leaders in HPV Vaccination through strategic committees, forums for members and public, our National Meeting, and social media channels.

We Communicate

We are active in communicating with our members and the public through newsletters, social media channels, resources, and forums around important topics to advance HPV vaccination.

We Catalyze

We are able to motivate action through our campaigns, partnerships, and publications that provide our members and the public with the tools and best practices they need to increase HPV vaccination rates.

We Achieve More Through Collaboration

Because of our diverse membership which includes public, private, and voluntary organizations with expertise relevant to increasing HPV vaccination rates in the United States, we believe that reducing illness and death from HPV cancers is achievable.

We Achieve More Through Collaboration

Initiatives and Campaigns

The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable is working hard with our members to create and cultivate up-to-date information and resources.

HPV Vaccination Starts at Age 9

HPV Vaccination Starts at Age 9

Giving a strong recommendation for HPV vaccination at age 9 will increase vaccine completion success and prevent more cancers. Healthcare providers should start the 2-dose series at the age 9 well visit. Starting the vaccine series and the conversation about HPV vaccination at age 9 will increase the success of completing the series by age 13.

HPV Vaccination Evidence Summaries

HPV Vaccination Evidence Summaries

The HPV Vaccination Roundtable has developed a series of short, easy to read documents that present scientific evidence that address clinical, public health, health system policy, and social-system policy questions related to HPV vaccine acceptance. Each summary includes basic findings from research.

Cancer Prevention Through HPV Vaccination: Action Guides

Cancer Prevention Through HPV Vaccination: Action Guides

We believe that every health care professional plays an important role in increasing HPV vaccination rates.The HPV Vaccination Roundtable has developed a suite of Clinician & System Action Guides to encourage providers, support teams, and health systems to take action today.

Resource Center

Our resource center holds current resources from the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable and our member organizations to assist in our work.

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