HPV vaccination partners play an important role in increasing HPV vaccination rates across the state. Click on the links below to find out more about what organizations are doing to reduce HPV disease within the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State Department of Health

The Oklahoma State Department of Health operates the Oklahoma Immunization Service, which promotes vaccination for all Oklahomans as a form of preventative care.

Oklahoma Comprehensive Cancer Network

The Oklahoma Comprehensive Cancer Network (OCCN) convenes to discuss comprehensive cancer control plans in the state. The OCCN wrote the Oklahoma Cancer Prevention and Control Plan 2017-2022, which includes plans to increase HPV vaccination for cancer prevention.

OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center

The Oklahoma University Health Stephenson Cancer Center collaborates with multiple advocacy groups and is actively involved in a number of ongoing advocacy and policy initiatives to decrease cancer incidence and mortality rates in Oklahoma and nationally. 

Vaccinate Oklahoma

Vaccinate Oklahoma operates with the mission of vaccinating children to increase public health state-wide. The organization targets insufficient vaccination rates, increasing exemptions, public health risks, and the personal exemption law, which allows parents to opt-out of vaccinating their children during public school enrollment.