We can nearly eliminate most HPV cancers with the HPV vaccine

HPV experts from around the world see a clear path forward to eliminating cancers caused by HPV. 

The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable has put together a summary outlining the possibilities and challenges of eliminating HPV cancers as a public health problem. 

The U.S. can and should be one of the first countries to achieve elimination of cervical cancer, with other HPV-related cancers in males and females to follow.

Statements and Resolutions

National and international organizations have issued calls-to-action to work towards the elimination of cancers caused by HPV.



(Draft Report) Global Strategy Towards the Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem (90-70-90 plan): The World Health Organization (WHO) drafted an action plan to achieve 90-70-90 targets on HPV vaccination, and cervical cancer screening and treatment to achieve elimination of cancers caused by HPV as a public health problem.

PDF: https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/draft-global-strategy-towards-eliminating-cervical-cancer-as-a-public-health-problem

Press Release (Aug. 19, 2020): World Health Assembly adopts global strategy to accelerate cervical cancer elimination.

Website: https://www.who.int/activities/a-global-strategy-for-elimination-of-cervical-cancer


EB144/(2) Agenda Item 6.5 Accelerating the Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Global Public Health Problem

PDF: http://apps.who.int/gb/ebwha/pdf_files/EB144/B144(2)-en.pdf


EB144/28 Agenda Item 6.5 Accelerating Cervical Cancer Elimination

PDF: https://apps.who.int/gb/ebwha/pdf_files/EB144/B144_28-en.pdf






Elimination of HPV Diseases as a public health problem: A Panel Discussion: (Link TBD)

Congressional Briefing webinar: Link

Eliminating HPV Related Diseases as a Public Health Problem: Let’s Start with Cervical Cancer: Link


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